Loans without credit bureau and proof of income – apply here

Consumers who want to apply for loans without a credit bureau and proof of income usually look for financing from credit intermediaries and banks in Switzerland.

The loan without salary is one of the many opportunities offered by these financial institutions. Accurate comparisons of the loans are the best opportunity to make a well-considered and correct decision.

Banks in Switzerland only lend money to consumers from Germany, if they can also guarantee a reliable repayment of the loan. In the credit check by the bank, the existing default risk emanates from the borrower and exposes existing weaknesses in the finances.

In the case of a loan without credit bureau, creditworthiness can only be clarified through collateral and income. If no proof of salary can be provided, the bank must take a closer look. Collateral, guarantors and second co-applicants must ensure creditworthiness and positive signals, because there is no credit without credit rating.

Groups of people for loans without credit bureau and proof of income

Groups of people for loans without credit bureau and proof of income

If you give credit application “without income”, this does not automatically mean that there is no income at all like a fixed income. A serious credit without proof of income simply states that the loan seeker can not show an employment contract, account statements and pay slips.

Typical groups include the unemployed, pensioners, the self-employed and students. If a student needs a certain amount of money as a loan, only the student loan from KfW Bank or a loan without a salary statement will remain with him at a bank. Pensioners can only submit pension notices and pension statements as proof of income.

Likewise, self-employed persons and freelancers can not submit a classic salary statement in the form of monthly pay slips. However, credit providers and lenders need to be sure that the borrowed amount can be repaid before a loan is granted.

If one of these proofs is missing, carefully managed documents and a thorough and accurate business analysis (BWA) must make the financial circumstances clear. A good order situation and sufficient collateral are indispensable for a successful credit without salary.

Credit without income through co-applicants

Credit without income through co-applicants

Potential borrowers without a regulated income do not have many opportunities to obtain a loan. A variant would be the Swiss credit. Securing the creditworthiness of a Swiss loan by a single applicant is only possible under very special circumstances. Therefore, it should be considered in advance which additional collateral can be offered to the lender. In the best case, a co-applicant applies for the loan without income.

For the lender, assets without capital-forming insurance as well as Bauspar contracts or guarantees are interesting. The hedge must correspond to the actual amount of the loan and, in the event of a problem, provide the lender with real security.

If you find a provider who promises a serious credit without proof of income, you should be careful. If this requires no proof of the salary or a guarantor, one can assume a dubious provider. Mostly, this requires for the examination of the loan in advance high fees and costs. It will not come to a lending, since this is not the goal of this loan sharks.

Credit without proof of income with the help of a guarantor

Credit without proof of income with the help of a guarantor

All applicants to the public financial market have the same opportunities, since the creditworthiness check required in Germany for approval in Switzerland is ignored. If there are no assets, if there are already receivables and can not present a hedge through your own low income, you do not have to get a rejection from Swiss lenders.

Additional liquidity and credit enhancements can be provided by a guarantor, a second co-applicant or non-pledged property. If one can show no or only a low earned income, almost always another co-applicant is the best and only option. This must meet the requirements of banks for income.

This includes a permanent employment with the same employer for at least 12 months. This is particularly suitable for long-term partnerships and married people.

Loans without credit bureau and proof of income for the unemployed

Loans without credit bureau and proof of income for the unemployed

Applicants who are unemployed or receive Cretz may benefit from a loan, provided that there is additional protection by an additional person in the amount of the loan and the lender receives a security. No travel to Switzerland is required to apply for the loan, and there is no personal contact with the selected lender.

The application will be completed online and available on the lender’s home page as a provided form. The information on the existing unemployment and the actual financial circumstances of the co-applicant must be given fully and correctly.

It will be sent to the lender in real time and processing will be completed in less than 24 hours. Of course, the approval of the loan will be communicated to the applicant online.

The free financial market not only offers cheap and easily available loans in difficult cases, but it can also be used in urgent cases where a Swiss loan with no salary is considered.

Compare the existing offers thoroughly

Every borrower is looking for a cheap loan with a low interest rate. In an online comparison, the corresponding offers of loans without credit bureau and salary can be compared and sort out expensive and low flexible loans in advance.

This focuses on the appropriate loan offerings. As an alternative, there is the option to engage a credit intermediary for the search. For this purpose, a check for respectability is recommended in advance, so that no advance payment is required for the loan and no fee bill is raised to mediation before disbursement of the loan amount.

The intermediary should know exactly the existing collateral and the requirement of the applicant. Loans without proof of income will only fit the applicant precisely if the latter provides comprehensible and exhaustive information to the service provider. Within 24 hours can be expected with a release of the lender.

Sometimes a personal loan like that offered by trucredit also helps. Borrowers receive money from individuals who invest even when collateral exists instead of regular income. You can be sure that you will get a reputable credit without proof of income. Most can provide collateral in return there.

Small loan as an alternative to normal loans without credit bureau

Small loan as an alternative to normal loans without credit bureau

A small loan, such as that given by Vexcash, may also be a way to obtain a flash loan with favorable interest rates if no regular income is available. The borrower can apply for a loan there and receive the money as an instant loan with no income on the same day. The loan must be repaid next month.

So ideal if you are short of cash but expected in the coming days money. In any case, this option is better than exhausting the limit of a credit card. The interest, the annual interest and the processing fees make the offered interest rate unattractive.

Credit without proof – more options

If credits are requested without salary and rejected by the banks, potential borrowers may be offered further opportunities. A home loan can be an option here. In this case one applies for a personal loan without credit bureau, as it is given on reputable credit market places like trucredit or creditend.

There are no banks involved in lending here. Private persons invest their own money in the credit requests of other private persons. Of course, private investors value a good credit rating and a proper repayment of the loan. Many investors also speculate on a high return and invest money in riskier loan projects. The required collateral specifies here the provider. The setting of a loan request can not hurt because this can be done for free.

Instant loan without proof of income

Almost always, sudden shortage of money is the occasion for a loan. For ordinary banks, applicants without income do not even get a loan. If you want to go fast and look for an instant loan without proof of income, then credit intermediaries like Credithert or Maxcredit will help. These can, if a second applicant with a minimum income exists, quickly transfer the required amount of money. There you know how urgently the credit is needed.

Credit without salary – is it really?

It usually depends on the individual case whether a loan without salary allowance is approved or rejected. Likewise, the amount of the loan amount and the duration of the repayment play a role. If you need an instant loan and do not want to depend on the help of the family, it can be worthwhile asking for help from a credit intermediary.

Especially groups of people like self-employed and students find it difficult to get a loan on the regular financial market. If they therefore need loans without a certificate and proof of income, the guarantee, collateral such as land ownership and endowment life insurance must be procured as a substitute for the required proof.

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